What To Wear To Graduation

What To Wear To Graduation


Graduation is approaching! Whether you’re heading off to college or entering true adult status, graduation day is a day you’ll always remember. With so many accomplishments over the years, it’s time to celebrate by treating yourself to the perfect graduation outfit. To make finding your graduation dress and accessories easier, we’ve compiled a list of style tips for your big day!


Graduation Dress

With the spring and summer vibes during graduation, a cute short, sleeveless dress makes for the perfect (and comfortable) look! Avoid busy patterns, bright colors, tight fits, itchy fabrics and long hemlines. We recommend flowy dresses that are easy to sit and stand in throughout the ceremony. Keep it simple and fun!


Graduation Shoes

One of the most memorable things you’ll do on graduation day is walk across the stage to get your diploma. Therefore, it’s essential to find shoes that are comfortable, walkable and of course – cute! We recommend ballet flats, wedges, short/wide heels or even sandals. If your shoes are new, it’s a good idea to break them in before beforehand.


Graduation Accessories

Since you’ll already be wearing your cap and gown, it’s best to keep accessories minimal. Avoid anything bulky that will take away from your smile. It’s unlikely you’ll see a necklace under your gown, so we recommend a fun earring or bracelet to complete your look.


Graduation Hair & Makeup

As part of your graduation ensemble, you’ll be rocking a classic graduation cap. Unfortunately, hat hair is probably inevitable. When it comes to graduation hair - the simpler, the better. Try a simple loose curl, side fishtail braid, low pony, straight/ sleek, bouncy curls or even a low messy bun.


Keep your graduation makeup just as simple as your hairstyle. Lighter, neutral graduation makeup will last longer and photograph better. Stick to makeup that makes “you look like you.” Don’t forget to apply photo-finishing primer for a lasting base, and we also recommend packing a few extra essentials. It’s never a bad idea to throw in oil-absorbing sheets, shine control powder, lip balm and a compact mirror in your clutch.


Graduation day is going to be a whirlwind! Plan ahead by finding your graduation dress, shoes and accessories far in advance. At Dress & Party, we’re here to help you select the perfect graduation dress and accessories! Good luck - don’t forget to take lots of pictures to look back on and have fun celebrating this exciting accomplishment!