Wedding Guest Style Guide: Do's for this Wedding Season

Cocktail Dress

Wedding season is officially here! From a wedding guest’s perspective, deciding on the right look can be slightly cumbersome.

There’s a lot to consider…avoid white, don’t overdress, don’t underdress, be mindful of a respectful fit, steer clear of distracting patterns and colors, but most importantly find a look that is comfortable enough to hit the dance floor. After all, you are there to have fun!

Let’s get right to it and talk style! Here’s 5 top style do’s for this wedding season: 

#1: Do add a pop of color.

Before it was only don’t wear white, but with brides adding a hint of color to their ensemble now, it’s become don’t wear white, bright white, cream, eggshell, ecru, blush or any other variation of ivory. The best way to avoid these hues this summer is to add a bright color to your look. However, there is certainly an appropriate amount of “pop” to add. You’ll still want to avoid more distracting colors such as neons or overpowering prints. Trending colors for this summer are bright pinks, sunshine yellows, lapis blues, island aquas and dogwood pinks.

#2: Do wear what’s comfortable, yet chic and put together.

This can be a balancing act. Being mindful of the fit of your dress is important. A cocktail dress featuring a respectful length and straps paired with a wedge, short to mid-height heel or even a dressy flat are all great options that will help you avoid any fashion faux pas throughout the day.

If you have a favorite pair of high heels you can’t resist, consider bringing along a pair of dressy flats for the reception. If you’re lucky enough, with a popular wedding trend right now – you might even score a pair of complimentary flip-flops provided by the couple!

#3: Do consider the dress code.

Some wedding invitations will come right out and say their preference, while others may require a little more decoding. Why is this so important? Understanding the formality of the wedding will help you avoid over- and underdressing.

Need help interpreting the wedding invitation? No worries – be sure to check out The Knot’s How to Know What to Wear to a Wedding for a guide on deciding what dress is most appropriate based on the wedding’s invitation.

#4: Do opt for a romantic look.

Weddings aren’t really the time or place for a sexy and revealing dress. The overarching theme of a wedding is love. With that in mind, the right dress might feature a traditional, floral, scallop, lace or whimsical look.

#5: Do bring out your statement accessories.

What better place to accessorize with some of your show-stopping necklaces, bracelets, earrings or clutches that would otherwise collect dust during a typical week? Even a more casual look can be transformed with glitzy jewelry that will take your dress to the next level, without overdressing. 

Now that you have all the dos for wedding guest style, take a look at Dress & Party’s Terani Couture Cocktail Dresses for your calendar’s upcoming nuptials. Choose from our wide range of cocktail dresses that will sure to be a hit for all types of weddings. 

Now you’re ready to hit the dance floor and to celebrate in style this wedding season!