Pre-Prom Dress Shopping Checklist

Pre Prom Dress Shopping Checklist

A full day of prom dress shopping can be a bit overwhelming as you search for the fit and style that looks amazing on you. At Dress & Party, we’ve compiled a short checklist to use prior to your big shopping day. Prior to shopping even? Yes, it never hurts to be prepared ahead of time, eliminating the typical stress during your shopping excursion. This will help you feel well-prepared, special and confident in the dress you end up choosing! Use these simple tips to help plan for finding the perfect prom dress this year!

Research before

Going into your prom dress shopping day with ideas and inspiration is always helpful. Understanding your prom dress style preferences will help you thin out certain styles you don’t prefer. Research lengths, silhouettes, colors and other style features that you might be leaning towards to help the shopping process. If you find specific dresses you absolutely love online, we highly recommend trying them on in the store. Prom dresses might look completely different on various complexions and body types.

Start early

Always remember that the earlier you start your dress search, the more options you might have. Other girls are starting their prom dress hunt earlier than you might even imagine, making the racks seem empty the months right before prom. By starting the search early, you’re also minimizing the chances of falling in love with a dress that you find out another girl from your school already purchased! You never know!

Create a budget

By establishing your ideal price point ahead of time, you’ll help narrow your dress search down to what you’d like to spend. Feel free to share this with the dress professional you’re working with, as it can help them steer you in the right direction. Avoid trying on dresses that are over your budget. You might just fall in love with it and find it extremely difficult and a struggle to find another prom dress that adds up to the higher price point. Also, keep in mind other items to purchase aside from your dress when considering your budget. You’ll probably also need a prom budget for hair, makeup, undergarments, shoes, jewelry, flowers, dinner or even your ticket.

Dress it up

Don’t be afraid to dress the part the day on your shopping trip. It’s a great opportunity to test out new prom makeup and prom hairstyles before your event day. Not only does it allow you to see what your entire ensemble will look with your makeup and hair done, but it also allows you to decide if you’d rather try something different for the actual day. Remember to also wear or pack your prom undergarment necessities to ensure you get the perfect fit. 

Schedule the day

Coordinate schedules with who you plan to bring shopping with you. Try to avoid a large entourage as it may confuse the process of finding your dress with too many opinions. The goal is to find the dress that expresses your style and personality. Focus on a small group that will give their honest opinion and who know you best. Make it a special day by scheduling other fun activities and of course, planning lunch or dinner too!

Whether you prep a little bit or a lot before your prom dress shopping day, just remember to trust your gut feeling and have fun. We hope our pre-prom dress shopping checklist will be helpful in your journey in finding the perfect prom dress for 2018. We can’t wait to see you at Dress & Party! Happy prom dress shopping!