Prom Season Is Here! Plan The Perfect Prom Day!

Prom Dress Columbus, OHProm Season is here! Most of you by now have purchased your dress and we at D&P have enjoyed helping you choose your prom dress. If you have been busy or have just decided to go to the prom, stop by our store location at Tuttle Mall and we will assist you with the perfect dress for you!  It’s never too late to plan out your prom day. You don’t want to be running all over the place and stressed out because you didn’t think out the day and what you need. Remember that everything takes longer than you think so give yourself some wiggle room. Our best advice when creating a list, is imagine everything you need to get accomplished by creating a walk through of your day to make sure you didn’t forget anything. So let the fun begin!

  1. Is Your Prom Dress Looking Good & Feeling Good?

It might have been some time since you have put on your prom dress so put it on again to make sure that it fits. Take a good look at your dress on you. Does it need pressed and is it the correct length with the shoes that you plan to wear.

  1. Set Up A Hair Appointment

During prom season salons tend to book up quick. So make your appointment and make sure you reconfirm to make sure the appointment was actually made correctly. If you decide to do hair with a group of friends have examples of the style you’d like and have your friends perfect your look before the actual date.

Needing some prom hair ideas? No worries - Pinterest has it all organized for you!

  1. Set Up A Nail Appointment

Again don’t wait till the last minute! With your nails, have an idea of what you like before walking into the nail salon. Leave yourself extra time because the nail salon may be running behind. If you do your nails yourself, give yourself time and think about doing your nails not on prom day so you have more time to enjoy leading up to the special day.

  1. You Have The Make-Up

When picking the perfect make-up have an understanding of how your skin looks its best! Don’t go overboard on the make-up and don’t go without. Just give yourself the look that pulls your dress, hair, and jewelry together. If you're doing your own make-up, but want to change it up a bit, follow a make-up tutorial to create a new glamorous look!

  1. Everything Else

We know that this is only a start to the list so don’t forget about all the other essentials! Of course you are going to want to have a clutch and jewelry so take the time to try on your whole outfit. Heals can be uncomfortable at first so take the time to break them in. Decide for pre-prom pictures where your going to want the photos from and that you have someone to take the photos. If you are using a camera and not your I-phone make sure the camera is working correctly and fully charged. For transportation make sure that everyone has a place to be picked up and a time for the transportation to take you to dinner (get reservations if possible) and the dance.

Now with everything on your checklist checked once, twice, and three times…take a deep breath and relax. Remember that sometimes things don’t go as planned but just make the best of it and continue on with your day. At least you are ready with this checklist! Dress and Party wishes you a memorable night with your friends!