6 Signs You Found the Perfect Prom Dress

Signs You Found The Perfect Prom Dress

For some, finding the perfect prom dress can be love at first sight, while others might go through a whole lot of trying on before finding ‘the one’. No matter how long it takes you to find the right dress, you’ll know you’ve made the right decision when the below list applies to your prom dress.

Your prom dress fits perfectly.

One of the first signs you’ve found the perfect dress is when the fit is spot on. With a wide range of prom dress styles to choose from, shopping for the perfect prom dress is much easier when you know what fits your body type best. Whether your body type is pear, apple, hourglass, athletic or something in between; doing your research beforehand will help you select the perfect style for you. At Dress & Party, it’s our goal to find you the perfect fit. Here are just a few prom dress style tips for each body type: 


  • Fitted, detailed tops
  • Fuller bottoms
  • Wide necklines
  • Dramatic shoulders or sleeves
  • Belted styles 


  • Strapless styles
  • A-line hemlines
  • Lower necklines (avoid too much cleavage)
  • High waistlines


  • Fitted styles
  • Empire silhouettes
  • V-necklines
  • Accentuated waistlines


  • Fit and flare styles
  • Long hemlines
  • Plunging necklines
  • Detailed belts


Your prom dress is the perfect color.

Once you’ve found the dress style you feel confident in, deciding the right color is the next step. Do some research to find inspiration on what colors look best for your skin tone. Finding the most flattering colors for your skin tone will help you narrow down the options. First, define what skin tone you fall under: golden toned, cool toned or neutral toned. Below are a few colors that would radiate your skin tone:

Golden Toned Skin

  • Oranges, reds, warm yellows, amber and golds
  • Deep greens, dark blues and red-purples
  • Taupe, creamy whites and latte 

Cool Toned Skin

  • Bright blues, royal blues, sapphire, emerald, deep purples and lavender
  • Hot pink, ruby and bright rose
  • Grays, navy and pure whites

Neutral Toned Skin

  • Blush, taupe, grays and off-whites
  • Light peaches and dusty/soft pinks
  • Jade green and placid blue 


Your prom dress allows you to enjoy yourself.

Besides having a red carpet-ready dress, you want to be sure you choose a prom dress that allows you to enjoy your prom experience. Between dancing, standing, socializing and walking around for hours – elect for a dress that you can do all those things comfortably in. Prom day isn’t the day to choose a dress that leaves you fidgety, uncomfortable or self-conscious.

You can’t wait to re-wear your prom dress.

Saddened by the idea of only wearing your prom dress once? You’ve probably picked a winner! If you’re daydreaming of all the ideas to re-wear your prom dress, it’s definitely ‘the one.’ Flaunt your prom dress again at future college mixers, formal weddings, pageants, balls, charity events and all other formal events.

You want to show off your prom dress.

Bursting at the seams to show all your girlfriends your prom dress? It’s truly that good if you can barely handle waiting it out until prom day to show off your look. If it’s all you can do not to show everyone pictures of your dress, you’ve made the right decision.

Your prom dress is within your budget.

Regardless of whether your prom dress is paid for by you or your parents, it’s essential to know what your price range is before trying on dresses. Walking into prom dress shopping with a budget in mind will make the experience easier and less stressful. By no means do you want to fall in love with a dress that far exceeds your budget!

Our Dress & Party team is ready to find you the prom dress that’s ‘the one,’ not to mention helping you find the right prom accessories too! Once you’ve confirmed you found the perfect prom dress style, it’s time to walk into prom 2018 confident and ready to take on the dance floor!