How To Re-Wear Your Homecoming Dress

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And just like that, homecoming 2017 is over in the blink of an eye! You might be thinking that this year’s homecoming dress will never see the light of day again. Even though homecoming night has come and gone, your dress can still make an appearance in your fashion. Whether you have a more informal event coming up or want an everyday look, we’re sharing our tips on how to make your homecoming dress more casual!

Layers, Layers, Layers

Before going out to find new pieces to dress down your look, start with your own closet first! Bring out that inner fashionista and of course – have fun with mixing and matching. Try pieces from your wardrobe that are more neutral in color. This will instantly make your dress look less formal by toning down any boldness your dress might have already.

Adding causal layers will allow you to create an informal look. Denim jackets and blazers are great options, especially as the weather begins to cool down. Looking for a unique look? Add a sweater, cardigan, flannel or even a white t-shirt to your dress. By adding these layers, you’re taking the attention off the formality of your dress. For an edgier look, tie your sweater or flannel around your waist. These looks create a chic, comfy vibe.

Accessorize Differently

Naturally, your dress will take on a whole new look by just adding different accessories. Chances are you might have chosen more formal earrings, necklace, bracelets and other accessories for your homecoming dance. Simplify and mute-out your accessories by changing them to more informal jewelry pieces, or even go with no jewelry at all!

To fight the cold following homecoming, add gloves or a scarf to your new outfit. For an even warmer look, include a winter beanie to add a casual, fun feel! You’ll not only feel warm and cozy, but your dress will look and feel warmer, too!

Add Casual Footwear

You might have rocked a pair of heels with your homecoming dress previously. This time around, make a casual statement by adding a cute pair of sneakers to your dress instead! If sneakers aren’t your thing, a pair of flats or boots are also great options for the fall and winter seasons. If you plan to bring out your homecoming dress again during the warmer months, pair it with a sandal of your choice. Either way, you’ll feel casual and comfortable!

With these simple fashion tips, you can create an affordable new look using your fabulous homecoming dress. Not to mention, it feels great re-wearing something you may have spent a little more time searching for and money on in the first place! Have fun with your new looks, and always know that Dress & Party has you covered for your next event!