The Perfect Match: How to Pair Your Shoes with Your Dress

Dress and Heels


Why can it be such a struggle to find the perfect shoe to match a dress for special events?

Whether you’re attending a wedding, participating in a pageant or attending your school’s homecoming dance or prom, you know how important it is to complete your look with a great pair of shoes. While your Œdress alone will have heads turning, it’s essential to pair it with a shoe that rounds out the look. Okay, so how do you know which shoe is the perfect match for your special occasion dress? It isn’t always easy to decide on, but here’s a few things to consider when choosing your shoes for your big event. Keep in mind - these styles might already be in your closet! 


This might seem like the most obvious place to start, but this can be the most complex decision to make.

Wanting to achieve a bold look? Color-blocking is a great option for an unexpected, but fun pairing. To color-block, choose colors on the opposite end of the color wheel.

If you’ve chosen a dress that has a pattern, compliment the pattern by matching the color of your shoes to one of the colors from the print.

Steer clear of choosing shoes that are matchy-matchy with your dress. It’s best to avoid wearing the same color head-to-toe. However, the only time this look is chic is with an all-black ensemble. An all-black outfit has and will always remain trending. Pairing your dress with a lighter or darker shade of your dress is also an option without looking too matchy-matchy.

If you’re looking for a safe choice, neutrals are a great staple as they go with almost everything. Opt for neutral colors when your dress has busy prints or embellishments. You want to leave the focus and attention on you and your gorgeous dress!


Jewels, straps, closed-toe, open-toe, formal, casual – there are so many options to choose from! The best place to start is considering the season and weather for your event. You certainly don’t want your toes exposed and freezing while trudging through the snow!

Also, consider the style of your dress. For a patterned or sequined dress, the simpler the shoe the better since the dress is already going to have enough detail. If your dress is on the simpler side, adding a shoe with jewels, sequins or straps will add to your overall look.

Depending on the formality of your event, you’ll want to evaluate how formal or casual your look should be. For a more casual event: wedges, ballet flats, sandals or ankle boots are all great options and for a more formal look: kitten heels, stilettos, ankle strap heels, platforms, strappy sandals and pumps will create a perfect outfit.


When choosing your shoe height, keep comfort in mind. You never want to compromise comfort, especially if you’re going to be hitting the dance floor or walking farther distances. It’s never a bad idea to break your shoes in by wearing them a few weeks prior to your event.

Another height you’ll want to consider is your own height and if you’re taking a date, the height of your date. Some dates may have a preference of their height while standing beside you. If so, elect for flats or a dressy sandal if your date is on the shorter side and a heel for taller dates or if you’d like to be seemingly taller.

With the above tips and tricks, you now have all the tools you need to make the perfect pairing with your dress and shoes! With summer right around the corner, if your next special occasion is homecoming, it’s not too early to begin your dress and shoe shopping! Dress & Party is here to find you the perfect homecoming dress, and we also give great advice on what Žshoes will have you dance floor-ready come this fall! Regardless of the shoe you decide on, remember to choose the dress and shoe that leaves you feeling beautiful and confident!