Homecoming: Top 10 Tips to Look Amazing!


If you live in Canada or United States, you surely know what homecoming is all about; it is a tradition followed by several high schools as well as universities, in which various activities are planned for the students as they return to school and start another academic year. Sounds fun, right? Well, it surely is!

When you return to school, you must look good enough to create the right kind of impression on the minds of everybody, including your professors and teachers. There's no doubt beauty doesn’t matter when it comes to academics, but if you carry yourself confidently in a beautiful gown from Dress & Partyyou'll feel confident enough to sparkle everywhere you go.

To make your look spot-on this homecoming season, here's 10 tips for you to know, remember and use as you prepare for homecoming this year:

1. Keep the makeup subtle

The secret to looking gorgeous for homecoming is to keep it soft, but with a hint of sparkleIf you're doing your own makeup, there's no better place for makeup inspiration than Pinterest!

2. Take good care of your skin at least a week before Homecoming
Want glowing skin for those homecoming candids? Take extra good care of your skin leading up to the dance. Getting a facial is not only relaxing during the hustle and bustle of homecoming week, but will leave your skin looking spotless!

3. Shop early to have something fabulous to wear on your special night

Dress & Party's fabulous team is here to help you find the perfect homecoming dress

4. Hit the salon four days prior to Homecoming

It's an excellent idea to hit the salon and spend some beauty time with yourself.

5. Detoxify your body to fit in the dress you want to

Detoxify your body with healthy eating, you feel just as great as you'll look!

6. Don’t be too ‘glittery’ with your dress: Keep it simple!

 7. Don’t show too much of skin

Showing a little skin is fine, as long as your school dress code allows. Showing too much skin can be a little much, however. Try choosing one area of your body to show off to ensure you're showing just the right amount of shoulders and chest with a strapless dress, stomach with cut-outs or crop top dresses or legs with a shorter hem or slit dress. 

8. Let the color of the dress complement your skin 

For fair skin, dark colored dresses are a great choice and for darker complexions, lighter shades offer the perfect complement.

9. Buy a dress that you feel comfortable in
Don’t compromise on comfort; buy a dress that you feel great in!

10. Don't forget to smile and have fun!

Your smile is your best piece of jewelry – wear it all throughout the night and leave the rest to the gown that you wear!