Homecoming Dresses: How To Make The Right Choice

Homecoming dances are one of the most memorable times you can experience during your high school years, but there are some necessary steps you should to take in order to look and feel great on this BIG night. 

You need to find a date, do your hair, get your nails done, and above all, you'll need a dress; not just a dress, but the perfect dress. That's a lot of pressure! No worries - Dress & Party is here to take that pressure off of you.

Below are a few helpful tips which will help you choose your homecoming dress

It is important to note that the dresses and accessories chosen for homecoming should be very comfortable. Painful shoes or tight dresses can prevent you from enjoying your homecoming night.

  • Choosing The Right Shop: In order to make your dress unique and to make sure nobody else is wearing your same dress, you should be selective about where you go shopping. Avoid shopping at your local stores because they are likely to be picked by many. Don't limit yourself to one store when searching for your homecoming dress. Visiting websites like www.dressandpartyohio.com is a great way to get a idea of what's in style and what you like/ don't like. 
  • Choosing What To Wear: It is important to note that what you wear for homecoming is very vital, given the fact that you need to leave an indelible impression in the memory of all. Homecoming dresses tend to be shorter and more appealing to the eye. If you want to stand out, try a dress with polka-dots or a flower design. Another fact is that majority of girls love homecoming dresses with bright colors such as red, blue, or gold. If you want to keep it simple, stick to a cute black short dress.

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  • Length of Dress: Since homecoming dresses are usually shorter, you should go for shorter dresses.  If you're not the type who cherish short dresses, you can equally checkout some longer stylish dresses that make you stand out too. The girls in LA and New York are wearing long dresses to homecoming so don't be ashamed if your the only one. Your just ahead of the trend. 
  • Shoes to Wear: Wearing high heels is ideal for homecoming, but can be a pain in the neck, especially if you're allergic to them. If your date is the tall type, then it might not be a bad idea after all to choose a pair of high heels that matches with your dress. If your date is not tall, or if you're just lucky enough to have long legs, a pair of flats would be just perfect.
  • Shopping Time: Don't wait until rush hour before finding your perfect dress because the more time you spend waiting, the slimmer the chances of your picking the right dress becomes. Not to mention most of the gorgeous dresses will be sold out. Shopping last minute sufficiently increases the chance someone will have the same dress as you at the dance. 

It is important that you start your dress search early enough. This will give you enough time to shop around, gather your accessories together, get any tailoring adjustments made, bond with friends and make the right choice before the big night. Find the perfect homecoming dress at Dress & Party online or at our store at the Tuttle Crossing Mall in Dublin, Ohio.