The Essential Pageant Accessories List

Pageant Dress Accessories

There are several components to completing your pageant looks – hair, makeup, dresses and other attire items. When it comes to the finishing touches, it’s all about the accessories. Even though finalizing your accessories might not be the first item on your checklist, they’re still another way to stand out from your competition. To add the winning touches to your looks, here are a few essential pageant accessories!

Stunning Earrings

Choosing the right pageant earrings can be a bit challenging, but always remember to balance a medium size. Steer clear of anything too long or big, as your earrings will come off as gaudy and overpowering. The first thing you want judges to notice is your beauty, and not your earrings. You’ll also want to avoid earring options that are too small. Earrings that are on the smaller size will get lost behind your hair.

Regardless of the size and shape of your earrings, always choose a pair that sparkle and shine. With the lights on you, a sparkling pair of earrings will have you standing out! Choose colors that compliment your dress. If you want to limit the number of earrings you need to bring, opt for standard crystal earrings that will match any dress or outfit.

Perfect Heels

With many outfit changes throughout the pageant, make things less stressful by finding heels that work for all your outfits. A natural nude or silver pair will typically match every color. As with all of your pageant accessories, add a touch of sparkle and shine with a heel that features rhinestones. Depending on your height, choose a heel that enhances your legs. If you’re on the shorter side, a taller heel will make your legs appear longer. No matter what pair of heels you select, be sure to practice walking in them to ensure they’re comfortable!

Sophisticated Bracelet

You never know when you might need to accessorize just a bit more to take a dress or outfit to the next level. In those cases, try a simple bracelet to finish the look. Avoid anything overbearing as it will detract the judges’ eyes from your beauty. A simple bracelet is mostly important when other accessories might not make sense. Similar to pageant earrings, select a crystal bracelet so you can add the simple touch to any of your looks!

With these easy pageant accessories tips, you’ll have the winning touches to wow your judges! Flaunt a Dress & Party look at your next pageant with our accessories and pageant dresses!