Dress Color Guide For Your Skin Tone

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If you have a formal event coming up, that probably means you’re navigating your way through websites, browsing boutiques and shopping to find the perfect dress and accessories! On top of trying to score what’s trending, finding the right dress color is essential to completing your overall look. We all know that we have our own unique shade and color of skin tone, so who doesn’t want to find the dress color that will only enhance their natural coloring? 

What do you mean there’s certain colors that best compliment my skin tone? You might be thinking same this question, but worry no more – Dress & Party is here to lay out the complete guide to finding the perfect dress colors that will have your skin tone shining!

Defining Your Skin Undertone

We all certainly have different shades of skin tones, but there are two major skin undertone categories you’ll fall into – cool toned or golden toned. There are two tests that will help you find out whether you’re cool or golden toned.

Test #1: Hold a plain white piece of paper next to your face. If you see yellow tones, you’re golden toned. If you see pink tones, you’re cool toned. Test #2: Stand in the direct sunlight and look at the skin around your wrist and the veins beneath the skin. If your veins appear green, you’re golden toned. If your veins are more of a blue or purple color, you’re cool toned.

Basically, if your skin tone has a greenish or yellowish undertone or is an olive complexion, you’ll fall in the golden category. If your skin has a bluish undertone (ranging from extremely fair to very dark), you’re probably in the cool toned category. 

Of course, there are going to be some of us that fall right in the middle. No worries – there’s a skin tone color for that too! Those of you who might find yourself teetering between the two most-known categories, you might have a neutral skin tone (a combination of both cool and golden tones).

Understanding your skin undertone is extremely helpful when selecting your dress color, but it is also a great tip to know when selecting the right makeup look! Also, don’t forget to moisturize leading up to your event for vibrant and shining skin! 

So, what does this mean for the dress colors that look best on me? 

Golden Toned Skin

Your go-to warm dress colors consist of oranges, reds, warm yellows, amber and golds. Just because you’re golden toned, doesn’t mean there aren’t cooler dress shades that you’ll look amazing in too! Try out deeper greens, darker blues and red-purples from the cool color family. Rock a golden toned neutral in a taupe, creamy white or latte. 

Cool Toned Skin

Your go-to cooler dress colors include bright blues, royal blues, sapphire, emerald, deep purples and lavender. Just like the golden toned category, you’re aren’t limited to just cooler color families. Warmer colors that you’ll look fabulous in consist of hot pink, ruby and bright rose. Stand out in a neutral shade such as a gray, navy or pure white.

Neutral Toned Skin

Surprise! Neutral toned skin looks great in neutrals. No kidding! Look for light peaches, dusty/soft pinks, blush, jade green, placid blue, taupe, grays and off-whites. 

Whichever skin tone you fall under, Dress & Party has a huge selection of beautiful dresses for you to choose from! We’re here to help you find the dress that makes you feel and look beautiful to stand out at your next big event!