Homecoming Dress Guide for Your Body Type

Homecoming Dress Style GuideWith homecoming dress styles and trends changing every year, it isn’t always easy to pick the look that is most flattering for your body type. With so many dress shapes and silhouettes to choose from, shopping for the perfect dress is much easier when you know what body type you have, and what dress styles accentuate your figure. But first, if you aren’t sure which body figure you fall under, refresh yourself with some of the most common body types: pear, apple, hourglass and athletic.


You might be a pear shape if you have…

  • A smaller upper body
  • A curvier bottom half
  • Slender shoulders
Homecoming dress tips:

Oh, you’re in luck! Accentuate your top half – your greatest asset! Fitted tops and fuller bottoms with wide necklines will highlight your slender upper body. Play with open backs, dramatic sleeves and belted styles for a fun and unique look! Hemlines that go slightly below the knee will help elongate your lower half. Other homecoming dress styles to try for pear shapes are: halters, detailed tops, v-necks and detailed shoulder options.


You might be an apple shape if you have…

  • A curvier bust and mid-section
  • Broad shoulders
  • Smaller lower body
Homecoming dress tips:

Take your pick! Try a fun strapless style with an a-line or knee-length hemline for a great option for curvy apples. Highlight your shoulders with a lower neckline, but avoid showing too much cleavage! High waist lines are super flattering. Other types of homecoming dresses for the apple body types are: wrapped, empire and v-necks.


You might be an hourglass shape if you have…

  • A defined waist
  • Curvy bust and hips
  • Shapely legs
Homecoming dress tips:

Oh yes, the options you have! Show off that tiny waist with a fitted look that will accentuate your greatest asset! Highlight your waist with an empire silhouette, and avoid flowy or boxy styles. Explore different hemlines because the choice is yours! V-necks and round necks are typically popular options for hourglass shapes. Other types of homecoming dresses to try for hourglass figures are: wrapped, peplums and fit and flares.


You might be an athletic shape if you have…

  • An all-over slender frame
  • Toned legs and arms
  • Square hips and shoulders
Homecoming dress tips:

The choice is yours! Go wild with a unique dress that has all the delicate details! Detailed ruffles, lace, collars and stripes around the neckline can add dimension to your bust line. Play up the thinnest part of your waist and don’t be afraid to try a plunging v-neck or a halter style to show off your back! Add a heel to a longer hemline, or show off those legs with a shorter hemline. Other types of homecoming dresses to try for the athletic shape are: fit and flares, shaped shifts, fitted and belted options.

Although these homecoming dress stylist tips are great starting points, if you don’t fall under one of these shapes – no worries! Your body is beautiful and unique in its very own way and these homecoming dress guidelines are simply to help understand the basics. Most women are a combination of body figures. And, that’s okay! Try on different styles until you find the perfect fit for you. From Dress & Party, happy homecoming dress shopping!