5 Prom Dress Shopping Tips

Prom Dress Shopping Tips

It’s that time of the year …YES its prom season! Before you start shopping for that perfect prom dress, read this article so you are prepared.



Step 1: What's Your Budget?

Before you start shopping determine what you’d be willing to spend on a dress. With understanding the budget you will start to be able to have choices for which designers and stores will be the best options for you. You don’t want to be discouraged because the perfect dress is outside your budget.

Step 2: What’s The Look For You?

Yes, this is where you determine the style your going for when prom day arrives. Are you going to wear your hair up or down? What jewelry accessories are you going to wear? What are you doing with your nails? Are you going to be wearing heels or flats that you already have? After you know the answer to these questions you can know more what you are looking for in a dress. If you are set on a particular hairstyle and that is very important to you, your hairstyle could dictate if you should wear a dress that is strapless or strap for instance. If you already have jewelry accessories, what colors are you wearing and how will these colors compliment your dress? So get researching and start dreaming of your prom night!

Step 3: Bring Your Heels Or Flats To The Store

Finding the right prom dress can be hard enough. Not to mention choosing the right footwear also. Once you've decided on your shoes whether it be with a heel or flats, this will help determine the ideal length of your dress. A few inches could be the difference of “O my gosh this dress is too short” or “I am tired of carrying my dress all around the dance floor”.

Step 4: Don’t Be Caught Up On Color

We like to say that when picking your dress, color isn’t the most important. Be open to try on different colors because sometimes a dress color looks great on you that you would have never considered! Making sure fit and dress details are good to take into consideration. With so many prom dress styles to choose from, find the style that flatters your figure type to find what you will look and feel great in! You make the dress give its magnificent look, not the other way around.

Step 5: Are You Shopping Yet?

You are going to want to get started on your prom dress search as soon as possible. Don’t be waiting last minute so you have to just pick a dress. There is nothing worse than last minute prom dress shopping, as you don’t need that stress! Come to Dress & Party at Tuttle Crossing Mall and get started your prom dress search today!