2018 Prom Dress Styles Explained

2018 Prom Dress Trends

Prom 2018 is almost here, and so are the top trends for prom dress styles! So what’s trending for 2018? Here are a few standouts you won’t want to miss this year.


Shoulder-bearing prom dress styles are all the rage for 2018! Prom dresses with just one or both shoulders exposed are a popular choice for this year’s prom season. Off-the-shoulder prom dress styles create a sophisticated and elegant appeal. With bare shoulders, a statement cuff and pair of earrings will add boldness to this trending look.

Two-Piece Styles

Two-piece prom dresses are trending in several variations this year featuring bib-style, high necklines and halter tops. A crop top prom dress creates the perfect look for a fashion-forward grand entrance for your 2018 prom. Did you know that two-piece prom dress styles are easy to transition into a wearable look for after prom has come and gone? Add a cute pair of skinny jeans and a jacket with the top from your two-piece dress and voilà – a new fun and flirty outfit!

Open Cut-Outs

Spice it up with open backs and strappy cut-outs for this year’s prom dress. Open back dresses create a bold and a red carpet-ready statement. Cut-out prom dress styles are the perfect way to add a unique detail that will set your dress apart from the rest. Add simple accessories to this look to keep the focus on the WOW factor of this look...the open cut-outs!

Bold Prints

Blooming florals and bold prints will be flourishing in prom dress styles this year! Statement-patterned prom dresses are a hot trend for 2018. Whether it’s a stylish floral print or a detailed embellished look, you’ll find your favorite fit and style in a variety of patterns. A bold print prom dress is the flawless look for a fun and unique style.

Illusion Details

Illusion-detailed prom dresses are a popular choice. This look combines a balance of showing a hint of skin with refined style. Add extra detail to your illusion prom dress by finding the perfect lace or sparkling beaded embellishments. Ranging in a wide-selection of neckline and skirt options, you’re sure to find a show-stopping illusion prom dress that you look and feeling amazing in!


A chic and fashion-forward option – the long-sleeve prom dress! Long-sleeve prom dresses are ready to hit the prom dance floor this year. Not only are they a warmer option for the unpredictable prom season weather, but also make for a chic look. Mix it up by combining two trending fashion statements for 2018 by choosing a long-sleeve two-piece prom dress! 

Complete your trending 2018 prom dress look with show-stopping hair, nails and prom shoes that all express your unique style! We can’t wait to see you at Dress & Party for all of 2018’s top designer prom dress styles!